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About Us
Coach Brett Watson
Brett Watson
High Goal Professional and Coach
Lance Watson
High Goal Professional and Coach
Coach Brett Watson
Brothers Brett and Lance have been playing polo together for over 15 years. Both have played professionally all over the world, and continue to do so. They are now based on their family farms in Underberg. Lance still spends a large part of the year playing professionally internationally; whilst Brett spends more of his time with Absolute Polo and playing professionally locally in South Africa.
Both have successfully coached hundreds of beginner and intermediate players; their attention to detail and the intricacies of the sport have proven very successful for both themselves and their students. No one has left Absolute Polo without being able to boast a dramatic improvement in their game, tactics, swing and horsemanship...
A view of the pitch
Gemini Park Polo Club
Facilities & Members
Absolute Polo operates at our very own polo club, Gemini Park Polo Club. All Coaching and Chukkas are played and conducted at the Gemini Park Polo Club facilities. Another powerful aspect to our Absolute Polo and Gemini Park Polo Club relationship, is the attendance of the Club Members in practice chukkas and Matches.
Accommodation, Meals and Staff
Sunsets at Absolute Polo
Our 4 beautiful en suite bedrooms boast an incredible view of the Drakensberg Mountain Range. The rooms are well serviced, making sure they are always clean and cosy.
The delicious and wholesome meals are planned and prepared by Nita and her team of very capable staff.
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